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Real-time Online Stream Stewards Data

We have ported most of the recent Stream Steward data to and you can now click on your site and various graphs will pop up showing your data. It is still a bit of a work in progress, however, we think you will find it very helpful to see your data alongside much of the rest of the world in real time.

E. coli data has not been completely added as of yet, but you should start to see some of that information slowly appear over time.

If you see any errors in data that is post, please be sure to let us know via e-mail.


World Water Quality Day with KCD Stream Stewards

World Water Quality Monitoring Day Kit

Join the King Conservation District for an afternoon of learning about water quality monitoring. A limited number of attendees will be able to take home a free Basic Water Quality Monitoring Kit to test their own streams or ditches for four parameters: Temperature, pH, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen. Also, you will learn how to share your data on the web site. Connect and share with other citizens in your neighborhood.

Where: Farmers Park, Enumclaw View Map

Who: Anyone interested in conducting water quality monitoring tests on their property to share via and also meet other volunteers with the KCD Stream Steward Program.

Why: To learn how water quality affects stream health.

What we will do: Teach you how to use the LaMotte Basic Water Quality Kit and enter your data online. Bring your camp chair and ask questions of current KCD Stream Stewards. Find out how you can raise awareness about water quality in your neighborhood.

Pre-register here